We craft and tell stories because we’ve stood on the uncertain edge between the waking world and our imagination, between enchantment and fear. And we remember other stories that help us build our own stories, scraps of lumber and fragments of narrative we gather together to make stories for ourselves.

Publication: ‘Why Would Anyone Enchant That?’ Volume II, Issue I


The new issue of Unsettling Wonder ‘Why Would Anyone Enchant That?’ is now available.

A little girl accidentally turns the sky to lemonade. A fragile witch tries to make a child out of wood. An armchair creaks with the magic of a thousand stories. And did you know Fibonacci designed a velodrome? Never mind rings and swords: here are unexpected objects cracking with magic of their own, full of laughter and fear and loneliness and just plain curiosity.

This issue a celebration of the puzzling, tickling wonder of ordinary things, asking the bewildered question Why Would Anyone Enchant That? Surprising answers from Jane Yolen, Sierra July, Sharon Dodge, Katherine Langrish, Maureen Bowden, Benjamin Darnell, and Sarah Ann Winn, with photography by Thomas Brauer. Cover design by Laura Rae.

You can buy it on-line, in paperback or digital format, here. The table of contents is as follows


by the Editors

Magical Object the First: Rubik’s Confused
Thomas Brauer

Where is That Magic?
Jane Yolen

Sharon Dodge

Magical Object in the Middle: Fibonacci’s Velodrome
Thomas Brauer

Folktale: The Enchanted Teakettle
Presented by Katherine Langrish

Hestia’s Chair
Maureen Bowden

The Lady of the Loom
Benjamen Darnell

Sarah Ann Winn

Magical Object the Last: Plant Life
Thomas Brauer



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  1. Just wondering if there’s any reason why I can’t get a digital version of this issue?

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