We craft and tell stories because we’ve stood on the uncertain edge between the waking world and our imagination, between enchantment and fear. And we remember other stories that help us build our own stories, scraps of lumber and fragments of narrative we gather together to make stories for ourselves.

Poetry Collection: A Mixtie-Maxtie Motley Squad by Jane Yolen

Remember that time you decided to read some Great Literature and it just didn’t click?

Maybe you made it 20 pages in, set the book down to get a cup of tea, and sometimes thought about the book guiltily over the next five or six years before finally moving on to page 21. Or maybe you found the Classic Book an insufferable bore and were bewildered when your professor told you how much it meant to her personally. Maybe you started giggling helplessly when Little Nell died.

Well, Jane Yolen has a book for that.

Mixtie-Maxtie by Jane Yolen
A Mixtie-Maxtie Motley Squad: Verses to Dead Authors by Jane Yolen

Cheeky and caustic, irreverent and snarky, Jane Yolen’s newest collection of poetry takes the mickey out of Great Literature. Her sly epigrams burble forth from a lifetime of reading and writing and realizing all is not what it seems. With lavish caricatures by cartoonist Peter J. Herron, these fifty-odd poems offer an affectionate takedown of famous authors, spun with an audacious charm and thoughtful whimsy that’s pure Yolen.

We here at Unsettling Wonder are delighted to announce that A Mixtie-Maxtie Motley Squad: Verses to Dead Authors, by Jane Yolen—the newest and cheekiest book in our mythic arts series—is due for publication soon. We’ll post more information as we have it.

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser of what to expect:

Homer Is Where the Heart Is

Homer ventures,
Homer waits,
Homer numbers
Homeric fates.

Homer sings,
Homer pens,
Homer spies
Through hero’s lens.

Homer heroes
Not despotic
Though some seem
Homer Neurotic.

When he writes
Odysseus roamer,
He knocks out
A mighty homer.

©2018 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

Ursula K. Le Guin’s Left Hand

If there was Darkness in her books,
Light shone from her own sun.
She made the words upon the page
dance to her every tune.

Bent more than gender in her tales,
she bent both earth and sea,
she bent all of her readers, and
I know that she bent me.

She practiced her Unbinding,
Each story rang anew.
Not a bitter writer,
her work stood strong and true.

She turned us on her special lathe,
device of her own making.
Though she is newly gone, her tales
Are here to do her talking.

©2018 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

A Mixtie-Maxtie Motley Squad: Verses to Dead Authors
Jane Yolen
Illustrations by Peter Herron
ISBN 987-1-907881-84-8
Papaveria Press/Unsettling Wonder

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  1. I just today learned of Jane Yolen’s new poetry book, but the announcement said no orders would be taken after yesterday. Is it possible that a second printing might come out?

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